BoxTone Releases New Blackberry Monitoring and Management Software


Panacya Inc. today unveiled a new version of BoxTone the user-level BlackBerry monitoring and management software solution. Which makes it easier for enterprise IT organizations to detect, resolve and prevent mobile-user service quality issues.

Last month analyst firm Gartner predicted that wireless email users worldwide will number 20 million in 2006 and 100 million in 2009 - noting that the application will eventually pervade the enterprise as email did a decade ago. According to Panacya CEO Alan Snyder, rapid growth in this mission-critical application has left messaging teams worldwide scrambling for more automated monitoring and management solutions.

“We see demand for BlackBerry and mobile-user operational support solutions continuing to accelerate,” said Snyder, CEO of Panacya. “Complex BlackBerry deployments call out for the BoxTone user-level approach that can guarantee the quality of service mobile users require.”

Key features in this latest version of BoxTone for BlackBerry:

* Creates custom groups to manage VIP users.
* Auto-detects BlackBerry users and infrastructure elements.
* Creates detailed, real-time user status reports to support IT help desk, operations and engineering teams.
* Remotely collects data with no agents.

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