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Wikis Go Mobile with Miki

Socialtext, which makes social software for businesses, on Wednesday rolled out a collaborative web site or wiki program for mobile applications, in a move aimed at extending wikis to cell phones and other mobile devices to further their adoption. Wikis, which are sites where users can contribute and edit content, are increasingly being used in businesses that work collaboratively, cutting email traffic as well as time spent in meetings, said Ross Mayfield, CEO of Socialtext.

Miki, as the mobile wiki platform is called, will be unveiled simultaneously at LinuxWorld in Boston as well as Software 2006 in Santa Clara, California, Mr. Mayfield said.

Miki will be the first commercial mobile platform for wikis and will be included in the Socialtext license for customers, Mr. Mayfield said. Socialtext’s software is available free for companies with five users or less. It starts at $95 per month for groups between five and 20 users. Prices go upwards as the numbers increase.

The use of wikis has reduced email communication by 30 percent, Mr. Mayfield said, and with Miki he hopes to cut it by another 10 percent.

“This is the first mobile wiki that enables the user to read, write, modify information anywhere at anytime,” Mr. Mayfield said.

The mobile platform has been programmed to work with most mobile devices, especially with the popular BlackBerry from RIM and Nokia handhelds, Mr. Mayfield said.

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