Free Texas Hold’em King 2 for Blackberry

Mobile Free Hold\'em for Blackberry
Our favorite Blackberry game developer Magmic is now offering their popular Hold’em game for free on Texas Hold’em King 2 allows you to compete in ring games just like you were in a real World Series of Poker tournament. The one thing missing in this version is multiplayer mode, so if you want to play realtime against your coworkers you will need to buy the version located on

Along with Texas Hold’em King 2, users can download four other free Magmic games and three games developed by Plazmic.

To download, just point your Blackberry Browser to:

10 Responses to “Free Texas Hold’em King 2 for Blackberry”

  1. 1 Jeff

    Good game

  2. 2 Chris Jarus


  3. 3 carter

    I would love to get a hold of this game, but can not find it anywhere for free???

  4. 4 Jeff O

    Go to and click on “Classic games”… first one in the list.

  5. 5 bs

    doesn’t work, hasn’t for a month - get error, must not be fre anymore

  6. 6 Andy

    Well it just worked for me. I don’t see why an error message would make you think it wasn’t free anyway, unless that error message was, “This game isn’t free”.

  7. 7 Rod

    Here is the link for the download. Have to dig deeper.

  8. 8 Collin

    These games are not in the list. If anyone knows an alternative to locating them please email me

  9. 9 john

    anyone know how to go all in without having to do it via the scroll wheel?

  10. 10 Billy Hornsby

    I won $30000 somehow in the tournament. Is this for real? Do I report this to Blackberry? It is so much fun.

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