Spectrum Online Interviews Mike Lazaridis


Mikey CEO of RIMThe cofounder of Research in Motion spoke with Spectrum Online about the BlackBerry maker’s R&D efforts, market expansion, and future directions. The first question Spectrum Online asked Mike Lazaridis is what is something that about RIM that people don’t know.

Mike replies that RIM is actually a very large company, employing over 4000 employees worldwide. What’s not surprising from a company founded by a man with a doctarate in engineering is that RIM is heavily focused on research and development.

The other thing is that I’m a real believer in heavy-duty research. And we tend to pride ourselves on the kinds of research facilities that we have here: the laboratories, the design environments, the CAD tools, the IT systems that we have in place, and the manufacturing plant. We really take this very, very seriously. We’re in this to produce the best products we can. We believe in making our products better from year to year. We also believe in having a lot of control over our products to make sure we provide the level of quality and performance in every aspect of the product we manufacture.

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