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GoAmerica Launches i711 Wireless for BlackBerry

GoAmerica announced today the availability of i711 Wireless Internet relay software for BlackBerry. 711 Wireless is the first Internet relay software to allow users to dial phone numbers directly from the BlackBerry Address Book, enabling them to make relay calls without having to remember or copy and paste phone numbers.

Users instantly dial any number stored in their BlackBerry Address Book by typing the name of the person they want to call, which then displays a list of matches from their Address Book. The user then simply clicks on the name they want to dial to begin the relay call. i711 Wireless also utilizes other ’smart dialing’ features, such as pre-entered operator instructions, Quick Text and integrated Address Book Editing.

i711 Wireless operates on the Cingular, Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile, and Verizon wireless networks. Downloading the software is free. You can check out device capability by going to:

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