First Shots of the Blackberry 7130c

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Blackberry 7130c

The FCC yesterday approved two new GSM/EDGE model BlackBerrys: the 7130c for Cingular and a 7130g, likely to come to T-Mobile if naming conventions remain the same. The Blackberry 7130 has a new more-rectangular form factor featuring the hybrid SureType keyboard, quad-band GSM/GPRS with EDGE, mini-USB and Bluetooth 2.0.

Blackberry 7130c profileBecause neither RIM or any carriers have officially announced the 7130c/g yet, we don’t know anything about pricing or availibility. However, if the images are to be believed, we can say for certain that it’s far more svelt than the chunky and cheap feeling 7130e.

  • GD
    i hope nextel is getting a new blackberry.....i love my 7520.....for now....
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