RIM Prepares to Launch Blackberry 8707v in US?

Recent documents pertaining to the Blackberry 8707v have been found on the FCC website which usually means that the device will launch in the US. The Blackberry 8707v is the 3G version of the 8700, which is a bit of surprise being the low penetration rate of 3G in North America compared to the other highspeed broadband technologies like EDGE or EVDO.

The difference between the 8707v and the regular 8700 is minimal, the internals are the same except the 8707v is a 3G device. According to FCC documents it appears that the 8707v is being tested in three frequency ranges 824.2MHz - 848.8MHz, 1850.2MHz -1909.8MHz and 2402.0MHz - 2480.0MHz.

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