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Live From WES: QuickPlayer Released For BlackBerry 8700 (Plus Impressions)

QuickPlay Media logoLive from WES 2006 in sunny rain-soaked Florida, QuickPlay Media announced the QuickPlayer audio streamer for 8700 BlackBerrys. After downloading the application, users can register for a variety of free and subscription-based channels offering about 5 to 10 minutes of international and business news, entertainment and sports highlights. Subscription-based services will be charged directly to the consumer through their carrier, with the QuickPlayer currently being supported on Rogers, Telus, Bell and SaskTel Mobility. The application and service will be available starting June 15th, with each audiocast being updated with new content at least once per day.

While we aren’t allowed to tell you yet exactly what audio content will be available when the QuickPlayer launches, we can say that what was demoed to us was pretty big name stuff and they’re sure to have at least something you would want to listen to. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, consider that QuickPlayer currently has business relationships with ESPN Mobile Publishing, Fox, BiteTV,, The Score, E! Network, Sound Track Channel, CHUM Interactive and CBC. Hint, hint. Sadly, you won’t be able to add feeds from your favorite audio (i.e. ‘pod’) casts when the service launches.

The service itself seems to work pretty well. Playing from the WES show floor loud enough to be heard over the crowd, the QuickPlayer’s streamed audio was pretty clear and rarely got scratchy or broke up (which was probably only due to the fact that they had the volume jacked on that poor little 8700). We’re sure it’ll sound much better coming through a set of bluetooth headphones. Expect a full review of the QuickPlayer June 15th when it launches.

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4 Responses to “Live From WES: QuickPlayer Released For BlackBerry 8700 (Plus Impressions)”

  1. Mike
    May 17th, 2006 10:02

    There are rumours that RIM will be announcing a built-in media player. What we are not sure of is IF they wil adopt Sona Mobile’s or QuickPlayers players. IF they develop their own, will Sona and Quickplayer launch a patent infringement case?….

  2. BlackBerry Cool » QuickPlay secure $12 million in funding
    September 11th, 2006 12:02

    […] We’ve talked about QuickPlay before, and since we like them so much, we’ll gladly chat about their most recent press release. QuickPlay Media, the maker of BlackBerry TV and the BlackBerry Media Player, just (and we mean JUST) announced their acquisition of $12 million Series B round of financing led by General Catalyst Partners with helping hands from existing investor, JL Albright Ventures. The funding will in turn help QuickPlay reach more of their desired market in North America as well as in Europe, and also aiding in the marketing of new products and services. […]

  3. BlackBerry Cool »
    September 12th, 2006 08:58

    […] Did we fail to mention that we’re currently making our presence felt on the floors of the lovely CTIA conference in La La Land? In doing so, we’re privvy to some solid information. We locked eyes with the QuickPlay “QuickPlayer” earlier this year at when we were at WES earlier this year, and with as much anticipation as prom night, we’ll be getting a hands-on impression of the final version of the Quick Player for the BlackBerry tomorrow - may even dust off the camcorder for this one. Check back for a titillating review tomorrow. “QuickPlay Media has lined up a solid mix of targeted media content for BlackBerry users,” said Jeff McDowell, Vice President, Alliances, Research In Motion. “Streaming audio services complement other BlackBerry applications and provide another convenient and valuable source of information for mobile users.” […]

  4. BlackBerry Cool » Hands-on with the QuickPlayer at CTIA
    September 14th, 2006 16:06

    […] Our trip to CTIA was fruitful, it seems. We’ve talked about the QuickPlayer for BlackBerry time and time again, but as the title reads, we got a little more intimate with this app from QuickPlay today, and let us tell you, we’re all smiles over here. With the news of exciting (and streaming) content like ABC News and the like being added to the QuickPlayer, the salivating started, and once we were able to sit down and explore, the auditory awesomeness was slightly overwhelming. […]

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