Live from WES: Update on the Nokia E62 and BlackBerry Connect

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Nokia e62
Ok, so we now have some better information about the Nokia device that’s floating around the WES conference floor, and its relation to Cingular and BlackBerry Connect. The device in question is identical to the Nokia E61, which is shipping as we speak in Europe. However, because the device has added USB support and no W-LAN support, we think it’s the E62 that Gizmodo reported awhile back. This would make sense as the changes made to this device reflect the general changes usually made to devices when they cross the pond to North America (i.e. there’s also not UMTS support), but no one will give us official confirmation.

Now for some more interesting stuff. While the E61 is basically out now (or early June) in Europe, the ‘E62′ will be released later in the summer through Cingular (apparently this is Cingular’s call as to when this happens). The device will also feature BlackBerry Connect, RIM’s BES solution for non-BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry Connect features for the device include obviously BES support, but at this point only wireless syncing of email and calendar functions, with hopefully full wireless syncing to come later on. MDS is also not available.

We couldn’t get anyone at the show floor to say anything more official about other carrier support for Nokia’s device in the US, but there are whispers going around that Nokia has been speaking a lot recently to Rogers, leading us to believe that they will be the first Canadian carrier to launch the device, shortly after Cingular.

There’s another (poor quality) photo after the jump. It’s a bad camera with a nigh-dead battery, and the photos are being taken, how do you say, on the sly.

  • Matt
    I have another photo from WES here of the E61/E62:

    The Nokia rep mentioned that there would be "improved" IT policy support vs. the 9300, which is lacking in that department.
  • Nick
    Any chance you can take a picture comparing size to 8700?
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