Idokorro Mobile releases software updates

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This isn’t exactly a new product release, so it doesn’t fall under our WES Hangover section. But it is news worth mentioning from a great BlackBerry software maker that almost got lost in the WES shuffle, so here you go.

Idokorro Mobile has released three upgrades for their different mobile network management software:

Mobile Admin (ver 3.2), their IT administrator management software, now supports Veritas Backup Exec and HP Lights Out.

Mobile Desktop (ver 2.0), which allows users to view the screen and control the mouse and keyboard of a remote computer running a VNC server, now supports Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which allows for remote access and control of computers running Windows Terminal Services or Remote Desktop. The update also supports SSH connection tunneling for additional security.

Mobile FTP (ver 1.1), which allows BlackBerry users file and folder access on remote servers, now supports SFTP connections for enhanced security, as well as allowing users to email files from servers as attachments.

To learn more about Idokorro’s software and how to get the updates, go to:

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