Nokia ‘opens up’ mobile browser

File this one under ‘cool things that large companies should do more’: Nokia has announced that they have decided to release the source code for their Series 60 web browser to the open source development community. Based on components from Apple’s Safari browser, Nokia’s S60 Web Browser supports dynamic HTML and scripting, as well as AJAX compatibility, allowing for complete mobile browsing of web pages like you were at your desktop pc. Nokia will also support the source code release by sharing future enhancements to the core browser engine with the development community.

“This initiative will attract a critical mass of open source software developers to build a consistent, web browser engine as the clearest path to minimize fragmentation in the mobile browser market,” said Lee Epting, vice president of Nokia’s global software developer support program, Forum Nokia. “With nearly 100 million smartphones deployed worldwide, a common open source solution driving mobile web browser consistency will deliver on the long-awaited promise of full-web browsing and a true web experience for smartphone users around the globe.”

The web browser source code will be released by Nokia under the terms of the open source BSD License.

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