Weekend Contest “What’s your perfect device?”

With the strong reader reaction to news of the Motorola Q’s freezing issues yesterday, and today’s reports on what both US and UK users want from their handsets, the topic of handset design has been bouncing around the BlackBerry Cool watercooler all day. So we’re giving you a Weekend Contest threepeat and asking what you feel is necessary for the perfect device?

You can tell us what feature is the most fundamental to handset design. You can build your perfect device from scratch and give us all the stats. Or you can just tell us what the dealbreaker is: the one device feature you cannot live without. Post a comment and let us know.

The winner will receive 3 free games from Magmic Games. LAST WEEK’S WINNER was Pedro Leite, a proud zealot who thought the dominance shown by RIM in their Day 1 keynote was the biggest news of the show.

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May 26th, 2006 at 9:51 am

- Stability (doesn’t crash)

- Usable in the move (no touch screen, no mini joystick) Trackwheel is best so far

- Good keyboard

- Good battery life

- Small size. Thin is especially good.

- Flash based (no disasters when battery finally dies)

- Syncs with desktop

- Coverged messaging (voice mail, SMS, MMS, email, IM) all end up in the same place.

May 26th, 2006 at 11:27 am

Are we ready … heeeeeeeeere we go.

First, off, any smart device that is going to succeed needs to be a phone first. Not a bulky mammoth of a belt weight, but a lightweight phone with smartphone features. Compare the difference when talking on a 7130 and a 7250 or Treo 650. It’s night and day. A 7130 feels like a phone is supposed to feel - easy to talk on, with complete access to calendar, address books, tasks, and notes. It should be operable with one hand, like a phone needs to be.

Necessary features in a phone, in order of importance.

1. Sync ability - over the air or over a cable, with support for Outlook, Groupwise, Yahoo, Google Calendar, etc. (somehow, a device like the Sidekick can do over the air calendar sync out of the box with a $20 one-time charge - but the Treo 650 needs Exchange Activesync to only do inbox/calendar sync? That makes no sense.)

2. Data plan price - How can Treo 650 data be $15 on Sprint, or Blackberry data be $39.99 on Sprint? How can the Treo 650 data plan be $15 on Sprint, or $44.99 on Verizon? The plans have to be consistent, and inexpensive, regardless of device.

3. Keyboard on the device - some sort of entry method of some kind. The keyboard on the 7130 is fine (although a little hard to use while driving)

3. Bluetooth for headset, handsfree, OBEX, data transfer, dial-up networking support, car sync, keyboard, and every other device - Can you imagine if you could only use USB with certain devices, even if every device had a USB port? That just makes no sense. If it’s a universal standard capable of doing everything, LET IT DO EVERYTHING.

4. Universal charger port - how many times do I need to buy car chargers for a new phone? Something should be compatible in this world. Even manufacturers change (see heading under : Motorola). Can’t we standardize on some kind of USB charger that doubles as a DC charger or AC charger with an attachment dongle? (And NO usb “trickle charge” - that idea kills me.) If it had a USB charging port, then you could probably even plug in a jump drive - BAM, you just added 2 gig of memory to your device. Just like that.

5.Headphones jack support. Can’t we just get a normal headphone jack to listen to music in this day and age? Why do we have to pretend with this “headset jack”?

That’s my list … and I’m stickin to it.

May 26th, 2006 at 3:00 pm

The perfect device will run off my body, and not require batteries. It will run off my thoughts, so I do not have to vocalize and disturbe others when I am riding the subway. It will not include music, nor a camera. Also, it will include a GPS unit, and will be able to sync up with my livejournal/myspace account and inform the interweb as to my very next move, before I take the first step in doing it.

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