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Weekend Contest “How about that RIM?”


Pacific Rim iCradle

Of course the big news this week is RIM’s quarterly earnings report, where in all areas they either matched or exceeded expectations. We’ve already seen a slight market reaction to this news, but the real question is whether or not this will have any effect on RIM’s long term perception. Post a comment and let us know if getting the job done is enough for RIM or if you still have doubts. Heck why not tell us what you thought about some of the very interesting (and sometimes incindiary) things RIM’s two CEOs said yesterday. Go crazy folks, and the person with the best post will recieve the Pacific Rim Technologies’ iCradle we reviewed.

LAST WEEK’S WINNER was David, who beat out everyone else’s desire for faster than this, more that, with a practical 3G application that brings him closer to his family:

I would love to be able to video conference with them regardless of where I’m at. I could see my family on my screen, and they could see me. Imagine being at the beach and moving my Blackberry around and show it to them.

Resilient BlackBerrys?


NeverFailBased in Texas, The Neverfail Group, sells systems designed to help computer networks operate during disasters. CNET is reporting that after catering to the Windows Server market, the company thinks the next step is protection for handhelds, including our beloved BlackBerry.

“BlackBerrys are used by so many senior executives now. Many IT managers know that the BlackBerry is supposed to be a low priority but if it fails then that’s what they’ll get a call from the CEO about,” explained Neil Robinson, Neverfail’s chief executive, in an interview with ZDNet UK this week.

Could we soon see resilient, or fault-tolerant BlackBerrys? They’re already a fairly stable device as it is, but if Neverfail can make it so that I don’t have to wipe my BlackBerry every time I get a JVM error, I’m down.

RIM’s 1Q results show “Competitive Dominance”


Research in MotionOr at least that’s what Dow Jones Newswires is calling it. This statement was in response to RIM reporting a quarterly sales increase of 35%, despite a slight dip in quarterly profits. Palm, in contrast, posted sales growth of only 20%, but has seen an 18% increase in share price compared to RIM’s shares remaining essentially inert. Dow Jones suggests that this is due to investors still being worried about the long-term effects of their lawsuit with NTP, as well as the increase in competition from Nokia and Motorola.

EU Angers Telecomms


The European Commission announced Thursday recommendations for revising telecommunications regulations that would force providers to share their cutting-edge broadband infrastructure with rivals and extend regulation to new areas such as text messaging. Unsurprisingly, these recommendations angered telecomm companies: both powerful incumbents, who think they are too restrictive, and their rival new entrants who believe they are too loose. Interestingly, this move is in counterpoint to the U.S., which has removed obligations on telephone operators to share their networks with rivals.

“We must open the markets when they are dominated by dominant players,” EU telecoms commissioner Viviane Reding told a presse conference. “We have seen in all our analysis, where the markets are opened, investments are done and prices go down for consumers.”

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RIM still strong in pre-market


RIM Stock

Last night we told you that RIM’s stock had seen a modest spike in response to their first fiscal quarter earnings report. Pre-market trading this morning is no different, with RIM’s stock (NASDAQ:RIMM) up 3.30 USD from yesterday’s close price of 65.98 USD, a full 5% increase.

However, don’t be surprised if the stock evens out over the day closer to yesterday’s close, as investors move from being pleased with RIM’s results to asking “what’s next?”

Spain gets BlackBerry Connect for Treos


Palm, Movistar and RIM jointly announced today the availability of BlackBerry Connect for Treo 650 users in Spain on Movistar’s network. BlackBerry Connect offers non-BlackBerry users limited BlackBerry Enterprise Server functionality, such as push email, calendar syncing, attachment viewing and Remote Address Lookup (RAL).

“BlackBerry has been embraced by millions of mobile professionals around the world because it is a scalable, secure, and proven wireless solution. The Treo 650 with BlackBerry Connect delivers more choice for mobile customers by offering the combined power of the BlackBerry architecture with the feature rich Treo 650 smartphone,” said Charmaine Eggberry, vice president, EMEA at Research In Motion. “We are pleased to work with Palm and movistar to offer BlackBerry Connect on the Treo 650 smartphone to corporate customers in Spain.”

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