Interview with John Criswick


John CriswickIf you have games on your BlackBerry, they’re probably made by Magmic Games — and they’re probably good, too. With Magmic’s recent announcement of a partnership with Exit Games, CEO and avid gamer John Criswick gave us the opportunity to sit down and discuss what’s going on in the world of BlackBerry gaming.

Although you do mobile games, you’re predominantly known as a BlackBerry developer (one of the few). What makes the platform so appealing for gaming?

We see the BlackBerry opportunity of 6 million subscribers much like a mobile game publisher would view a small carrier except that the demographic has a higher disposable income then industry norms.

From a technical standpoint, the BlackBerry affords us an opportunity to easily deploy games with network-connected features and this keeps the company at the forefront of this important technology space.

What are the restrictions to developing for BlackBerry?

The main issue in this market is discovery and access to the customer base.

What is the state of gaming on the BlackBerry right now?

I’d say it is still in its infancy - let’s say it’s like the mobile games industry was in 2003.

We’ve reviewed a lot of your puzzle games.. What do you feel the typical BlackBerry gamer wants?

They are mostly into recognizable games. Our top sellers are Texas Hold’em King and Sudoku but some of our new brands like KaGlom and Deblocked are taking over those spots.

You recently announced a partnership with Exit Games to shore up your network gaming… Could you tell us a little about that and what it means for Magmic?

The BlackBerry platform is highly network-connected and we have had games with those features built-in for some years now. The partnership with Exit Games basically gives us a broader footing in that space through their relationship with Motricity and carrier partners.

What’s Magmic’s position on multiplayer gaming? Is that the future?

For BlackBerry games it certainly will be a part of the future. We expect all of our titles at some point will have some network features to them. It’s not just about viral game play but game play that increases customer retention - like our KaGlom and Sudoku titles that give users a new set of competitive puzzle downloads every day.

What’s next for Magmic?

More premium quality games…

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