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Idokorro Mobile Desktop

In the past week and a bit we’ve seen a lot of carrier announcements on RIM’s two newest devices: the 7130 and 8707 BlackBerrys. The anticipation over these two devices has somewhat divided the BlackBerry Cool office; some can’t wait for a UMTS BlackBerry to hit North American shores, while the 71xx proponents among us who are jealous of our 8700 loving counterparts are chomping at the bit for Rogers’ 7130g. The more optimistic BlackBerry Cool employees are even holding out for the magical uberBerrys that will probably be here in the fall. Post a comment and let us know which known or unknown device you want the most and why, or even why you’re happy with the BlackBerry you’ve got.

The person with the best post will win a free copy of Idokorro Mobile’s Mobile Desktop for BlackBerry. Mobile Desktop is a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) client that allows you to create a connection to most any computer, then view the screen and even control the keyboard or mouse of the remote computer. The image above is actually a screenshot from an 8700 BlackBerry — cool stuff.

LAST WEEK’S WINNER was Kevin, who went one step beyond telling us what he wanted and instead told us how RIM and Apple should properly handle developing the iBerry (all for the low, low price of $299).

  • admin
  • TY
    I'll take a camera on my 8700g. Then I could really start photoblogging!!
  • Nick
    Although I really like my 8700, I'm really looking forward to the 7130g. I saw one in a store today and it is really slick!! Thinner and better construction than the 8700.

    I'm also really looking forward to a blackberry with a multimedia capabilities, especially a camera. Although a lot of people believe a camera is useless in a phone. I believe that the Blackberry email would provide a way to really make use of a camera by providing instant sending of pictures.

    The ultimate however, would be a Blackberry that has a built in RFID reader...RIM, hopefully you're reading this :)

  • Mark Hutchison
    I'm eager to see a CDMA 87xx release this fall. The jump in processor speed, RAM and screen resolution will be a welcome change from my current 7250 model (and if the rumours are true, the device may even ship with 4.2 OS code which should unlease even more processor horsepower).

    Until then, the 7250 is serving me very well. It is stable, reliable and the EvDO tethering option works like a dream. No reason to look elsewere yet.
  • George
    Nothing really revolutionary in RIM's lineup, I'm pretty satisfied with my 8700. What RIM really needs to do is open up their operating system a bit more so we can get some useful programs.

    Hell RIM can make a 2ghz Blackberry with 1 gig of RAM but it would be pointless if you have no programs to take advantage of it.
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