Tetris Game Pak 2 to arrive for BlackBerry

Mobile media moguls Handmark announced yesterday the availability of the Tetris Game Pak 2 on June 30 for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Palm OS users. While the game pak will feature JAMDAT Bowling, Aces Texas Hold’em, Sudoku Master, Blackjack and Backgammon, the big news for BlackBerry gamers is the availability of one game: Tetris. We’ve received a playable version already from the fine folks at Handmark, and while you’ll have to wait for our June 30th review to hear what we really think (embargoes and such), we can tell you that we’re excited. Very excited.

Tetris Game Pak 2 will be a available at most major electronics, computer, and office supply stores in CD ($39.99) and MMC ($49.99) versions. The individual games are also available for purchase from Handmark.com and Pocket Express users can get them as well.

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BlackBerry Cool » Handmark (finally) releases Tetris
August 14th, 2006 at 10:53 am

[…] We know, we know. We promised you a review of Tetris for BlackBerry almost two months ago. But things happen: the game got pushed back, and we couldn’t review something that hasn’t come out yet, could we? But now is a time for rejoicing, as Handmark has pushed this highly anticipated title out its doors with a little help from EA. […]

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