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Pacific Rim iCradle

There are a couple of things a cradle needs to do effectively to make it worthwhile: help keep your desk tidy, securely hold your BlackBerry while still providing easy access to all buttons, and charge your BlackBerry while keeping it synced to your desktop pc. As a cradle, Pacific Rim Technologies’ iCradle for BlackBerry 8700 takes care of business, making it a decent choice for those in need.

Let’s get down to it. Like Amzer’s 8700 BlackBerry Cradle, Pac Rim’s iCradle comes with USB 2.0 support and an AC input at the back so you can sync and charge from a wall socket at the same time. However, the AC cable that Pac Rim sent us was the wrong one (d’oh!), but at least they’re not making any claims of uber-zippy charging times like some people we know.

The iCradle’s claim to fame lies in simple functionality. To use the iCradle, you slide your BlackBerry 8700 in from the top and sync to your computer using an Agent Smith-style separate connector cable (you’ll know what we mean when you see the picture). The separate connector allows for easy access to the side convenience keys and headset jack, and also lets you pick up your BlackBerry and take it out of the cradle if need be without impeding charging/syncing. The iCradle has a blue LED indicator to let you know when it is plugged in, but it’s not retina-burning bright and also rests behind your BlackBerry when it’s docked, so as not to be a distraction. Also, because your BlackBerry kind of sits in the iCradle rather than latching onto it, you can use it for similarly shaped BlackBerrys like the 7520, which is convenient if you’re a multi-BlackBerry user.

Because the iCradle doesn’t latch onto your 8700 BlackBerry, it also means that your BlackBerry doesn’t rest as securely as it would in Amzer’s cradle. However, although your BlackBerry can move around a bit while in the iCradle, it won’t fall out and doesn’t affect inputting commands, so it’s not really a big deal.

All in all, Pacific Rim’s iCradle for BlackBerry 8700 does everything it needs to do to warrant a spot on your desktop. The one minor caveat is its price of 29.99 USD, which is five dollars more than Amzer’s cradle and about ten dollars more than we’d want to pay for the device. But if you’re really craving a cradle, you can’t go wrong with the iCradle.

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