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Research in MotionFor those who can’t get to it, or don’t want to sit through it, we’re transcribing some of the questions investors are asking RIM CEOs Jim Balsille and Mike Lazaridis during their investor conference call. We’ll keep updating this until it’s over… (unaccredited answers are because we couldn’t recognize their voice. Sorry)

What is the impact of the Q?

When it comes to price competitiveness, we’re fine on that. The reviews that you read out there, they accurately characterize what you see in the market. Just read the performance reviews out there and you’ll see a very clear indication there… Its impact I wouldn’t even qualify as noticeable.

How do you move beyond email and take it to the next level? Drive consumer adoption and move beyond email?

Jim: It’s happening. With public MDS and web services, we’re already getting there. Adding in media players, removable storage and image capturing will only further that. Even enterprise employees have a life beyond that and these lifestyle devices will be a part of that. Gaming, IM, personalization… it’s just as exciting as the enterprise space.

Will the brand differentiate for the consumer products? When will we see the business models?

Can’t really answer in too great a detail right now. You will probably see a brand positioning complimentary to the BlackBerry enterprise branding, but distinct…

BlackBerry Connect expectations inside and outside US?

It’s growing… There’s over 20 devices launched, another 20 in backlog to launch. We expect it to continue to grow. In the sense that you want to allow the carriers to grab that sweet spot in the middle, you have to offer that device compliancy and we’re extremely excited. The Nokia stuff is doing particularly well, as well as the Sony Ericsson.

It’s 5 steps forward in platform enabling, 1 step backwards in terms of device competition, but it’s necessary if you want to drive forward.

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