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RIM still strong in pre-market

RIM Stock

Last night we told you that RIM’s stock had seen a modest spike in response to their first fiscal quarter earnings report. Pre-market trading this morning is no different, with RIM’s stock (NASDAQ:RIMM) up 3.30 USD from yesterday’s close price of 65.98 USD, a full 5% increase.

However, don’t be surprised if the stock evens out over the day closer to yesterday’s close, as investors move from being pleased with RIM’s results to asking “what’s next?”

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2 Responses to “RIM still strong in pre-market”

  1. BlackBerry Cool » Weekend Contest “How about that RIM?”
    June 30th, 2006 09:32

    […] Of course the big news this week is RIM’s quarterly earnings report, where in all areas they either matched or exceeded expectations. We’ve already seen a slight market reaction to this news, but the real question is whether not this will have any effect on RIM’s long term perception? Post a comment and let us know if getting the job done is enough for RIM or if you still have doubts. Heck why not tell us what you thought about some of the very interesting (and sometimes incindiary) things RIM’s two CEOs said yesterday. Go crazy folks, and the person with the best post will recieve the Pacific Rim Technologies’ iCradle we reviewed. […]

  2. BlackBerry Cool » RIM’s stock has leveled off
    July 18th, 2006 08:29

    […] Remember that stock surge RIM had been riding for the past couple of weeks since they announced their first fiscal quarter earnings? A quick look today shows that those gains have now completely dissipated, with RIM’s stock (NASDAQ:RIMM) dropping to 62.70 USD by yesterday’s close. RIM’s stock had closed at 65.98 USD on the day of their earnings release. […]

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