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Weekend Contest “How about that RIM?”

Pacific Rim iCradle

Of course the big news this week is RIM’s quarterly earnings report, where in all areas they either matched or exceeded expectations. We’ve already seen a slight market reaction to this news, but the real question is whether or not this will have any effect on RIM’s long term perception. Post a comment and let us know if getting the job done is enough for RIM or if you still have doubts. Heck why not tell us what you thought about some of the very interesting (and sometimes incindiary) things RIM’s two CEOs said yesterday. Go crazy folks, and the person with the best post will recieve the Pacific Rim Technologies’ iCradle we reviewed.

LAST WEEK’S WINNER was David, who beat out everyone else’s desire for faster than this, more that, with a practical 3G application that brings him closer to his family:

I would love to be able to video conference with them regardless of where I’m at. I could see my family on my screen, and they could see me. Imagine being at the beach and moving my Blackberry around and show it to them.

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6 Responses to “Weekend Contest “How about that RIM?””

  1. Bill Lenahan
    June 30th, 2006 09:51

    It was good to hear what we can expect with future device capabilities. I think GPS and image capture are the two more important features that have been lacking for some time. From a business standpoint, imagine you are a retail chain District Manager. You are used to carrying a camera, phone and laptop to send pictures you need to take from one of the stores. Now all you’ll havde to do it use the BB to take the picture, email it right from there, and call your recipeint to verify they got it. Oh yeah, if you forgot to tell them what store you were at, they could track you with GPS! It think by eliminating lacking features, and consumer desires, RIM is solidifying themselves as the major player in the market.

  2. Nathan
    June 30th, 2006 19:42

    RIM seems to be heading in the right direction by addressing the consumer market. They have a strong hold on the corporate consumers and now realize how many people would like these for every day life. This increased demand will also increase the developer community to create new and innovative applications that will make an individual’s everyday life more productive. RIM is going to continue to grow and lead!!!

  3. mrdugan
    July 1st, 2006 05:41

    excellent idea on the video conferencing… i agree.

    can you imagine how bitter the family will be when: “being at the beach and moving my Blackberry around and show it to them.”

  4. Melissaox
    July 1st, 2006 09:41

    I think RIM is doing a great job. They are looking to make thier newer devices just how thier customers want. The blackberrys work. What more can a girl ask?

  5. Thought
    July 2nd, 2006 13:56

    First, the earnings report was strong. RIM has a very solid position in the market, especially with the enterprise segment.

    Second, their hints at devices with consumer friendly features shows that they have been listening to demands from the market. No doubt that many consumers want models with cameras, mp3 players, removable memory, etc. To meld those features with the BB world class leading email system is a very smart move.

    Also, as others have alluded to, even some enterprise users will value these features. For instance, real estate agents love to use a device that allows them to snap pictures of properties.

    The challenges for RIM as they expand into these features and the consumer market are these:
    1) Can they add these features and still maintain the stability and ease of use of their current devices? People like the BBs largely because they just work, and work well, at what they are supposed to do. Their OS rarely crashes, and it’s fast to respond to user commands, and it’s easy to pick up and use. Adding all of these extra features will only make both hardware and software more complex. That holds the peril of bogging down the software and memory, and introducing the very same problems that plague other devices with these features. So it will be interesting to see if RIM can execute so well that they can add these features and preserve the main strengths of the BB.
    2) Can RIM add these features and keep the cost low enough to compete in the consumer market. BBs are relatively expensive, but RIM now largely sells to the enterprise market, which is not so price sensitive. The consumer market is another issue entirely. IF RIM has to increase the price of their fully loaded BBs to around $500 or so with contract, then their device sales will be limited.

  6. Alex D.
    July 3rd, 2006 00:20

    I definitely think RIM is on the right track. They have gotten the messy patent suit out of the way (and hoopefully any others will get squashed as well) and immediately launched a new version of the server software. The 870x series has now been rolled out with more devices on their way. Once Blackberry Connect becomes a reality in the US and is avaiable for Palm’s and PocketPC’s, that will help them invade Palm’s and Microsoft’s territory on the Treo’s and other Smart Phones. It may hurt their hardware sales a bit but hopefully will make up for it in licensing that they would’ve lost any way.
    Adding consumer friendly add-ons will also get them out to the rest of the world who hasn’t really expereinced the Blackberry addiction yet. GPS and multimedia will be a huge step for them.

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