Free Online BlackBerry Training

dce solutions logoBlackBerry Cool reader Ben has tipped us off to a free online BlackBerry training site. Run by DCE Solutions, the site uses Flash videos to teach BlackBerry novices the basics. DCE also offers more in-depth training through paid ‘Webinars’ on their site. Here’s some of what’s covered under the free training:

* BlackBerry Wireless Handheld icons description
* How to create a group and send an email to a group
* How to define the priority level of your messages
* How to create a personal signature
* How to make a conference call

To check out DCE’s site and brush up on your BlackBerry skills, go to:

3 Responses to “Free Online BlackBerry Training”

  1. 1 Rob Dunn

    This site looks like it is down…any alternatives?

  2. 2 ryan

    Yeah, really. Another post about a free online tutorial for training would be great. I’m gonna go look now myself.

  3. 3 Txcxuvhv

    YKjhrN comment5 ,

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