Monthly Archive for July, 2006

RIM at GSM>3G Africa


Research in MotionInforma Telecoms and Media announced today that over 150 of the world’s leading mobile communications technology vendors will take part in its annual GSM>3G Africa conference taking place on 19-20 October 2006, in Cape Town, South Africa. All the major telecom vendors will be there: Motorola, Nokia, Siemens and (of course) our friends at RIM.

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Nigeria gets BlackBerry Connect


Globacom, Nigeria’s Second National carrier, announced today that they will launch BlackBerry Connect services into the Nigerian market this Wednesday. BlackBerry Connect provides users with “push” based email, BIS and limited BES support, such as email reconciliation and calendar synchronization.

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Berry411 gets update


Berry411, the free search app for BlackBerry that’s always held a special place in our hearts, has just recently been updated. Now at version 3.30, Berry411 adds better BlackBerry display optimization, autocomplete dictionary functionality, and the ability to add any phone number into your BlackBerry address book directly.

Go here to learn more about Berry411 and their free OTA install.

RIM releases BlackBerry Solutions Guide


Research in MotionRIM has released their 2006-2007 BlackBerry Solutions Guide, a free document detailing BlackBerry solutions for specific industry sectors, from mom and pop operations to large enterprises. Available in downloadable format, the Solutions Guide can be found here (after a quick registration).

No more PalmOS for Treos?


PalmIn news that will make Treo users around the world cringe in disbelief (and 1/6 of the BlackBerry Cool office to start slamming their head against a desk repeatedly), Engadget is reporting that Palm is pulling out of a co-development agreement they had with PalmSource (now Access) in regards to the next-generation of Palm OS, due to Access’ failure to hit certain development milestones.

Palm states that they will keep producing new products based on the current version of the OS, and Engadget believes that they may be looking to internally develop their own branch-off of Palm OS 5, but it’s certain that the future just got a little darker for Treo lovers.

eOffice gets update


BlackBerry software solutions developer DynoPlex has released an upgrade for their solid eOffice software. Version 3.200.028 brings an update to both the Standard and Basic Editions of eOffice. Here’s what eOffice offers:

- eWord, which provides Microsoft Word document editing
- eCell, a stripped down Excel for BlackBerry
- eFile, a Windows-styled file manager

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