New handsets creating increased customer support needs

As anyone who’s had to sit through a call with a customer service rep knows, sometimes it’s not fun when your BlackBerry decides to go bonkers (just ask these people). That’s why it’s a little disheartening to learn that a new J.D. Power report shows that the number of people who call customer support within a 12 month period has increased 12% since 2000. With 59 percent of wireless customers contacting their provider within a 12 month period, this the highest level since measurement began in 2000.

J.D. Power is blaming this increase predominantly on increasingly complex handsets offering more features beyond telephony (i.e. video, email, mp3 playback, camera), which often require guidance to learn how to use properly. We can only wonder how many calls Verizon gets about the Motorola Q. There’s more bad news, however: apparently the average hold time for these support calls has increased as well. Sigh.

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