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Lucent, Qualcomm pushing the boundaries of 3G

Manx Telecom, a subsidiary of O2/Telefonica, with the assistance of Lucent Technologies and Qualcomm, is playing the role of mad scientist and conducting trials of 3G and HSDPA services in the 900Mhz GSM frequency band. The companies are attempting to leverage this lower frequency to extend UMTS voice and HSDPA data coverage and while evaluating the potential benefits of deploying UMTS at 900 MHz as compared to 2100 MHz.

“UMTS 900 may help solve the 3G coverage issues in Europe, since providing full coverage at 2100 MHz is very expensive,” said Dave Williams, group CTO for O2.

Deploying UMTS/HSDPA technology in 900 MHz spectrum can help mobile operators cost-effectively deliver UMTS/HSDPA services because the lower frequency provides a significant increase in the coverage area of a base station and, potentially, enables better signal penetration for in-building coverage.

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One Response to “Lucent, Qualcomm pushing the boundaries of 3G”

  1. Aaron
    July 28th, 2006 09:05

    Interesting. I wonder if devices and carriers around the world will offet UMTS on all 5 frequencies used for GSM, being 850/900/1800/1900/2100. So, you would have a device that would switch UMTS from 850/1900 in North America to 900 in Europe and 2100 in the middle east.

    And then jump back to EDGE / GPRS when outside the range. That’s like a crazy microprocessor chip needed to switch all of that.

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