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Bacon on BlackBerry: BMWs, Syncing and the ole’ 850


Bacon on BlackBerry

The BlackBerry Cool office is filled with a bunch of tech junkies who know everything there is to know about BlackBerrys. However, we’re so busy pounding the pavement and bringing you the latest in BlackBerry news that we don’t have that much time to answer all the questions you send us. So we asked Magmic‘s resident BlackBerry Genius Jeff Bacon to help us with your problems. Enjoy!

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Can BlackBerrys keep a secret?


shhh!There’s been an intriguing article floating around the Supernet the past couple of days about the dangers of not hard wiping your mobile devices before selling them off or getting rid of them. Apparently, the flash memory common to most mobiles and smartphones can easily be convinced to recall old emails, sms or address book information if they haven’t been properly cleared. The article tells the tale of Trust Digital, a company that has bought phones of off eBay and recalled information about mistresses and business deals, as well as bank account numbers and passwords.

Flash memory is inexpensive and durable. But it is slow to erase information in ways that make it impossible to recover. So manufacturers compensate with methods that erase data less completely but don’t make a phone seem sluggish. Phone manufacturers usually provide instructions for safely deleting a customer’s information, but it’s not always convenient or easy to find.

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American Workers Have More BlackBerrys


Business dudeThe AEI has just released data of their most recent research study on the American worker in 2006. While they’ve compiled a whole bundle of interesting facts, there’s really only one that should interest the keen BlackBerry Cool reader. According to AEI’s survey, 12% of American workers now have a Palm Pilot, Blackberry, or similar product, in comparison to the 5% that did in 2000.

This means that converged mobile smartphone devices have come a long way in 6 years. They went from “Hey, isn’t that one of those things that my CEO and IT Admin are carrying around?” to “oh yeah, my buddy has one of those. I’d get one, but the data plan would kill me and I’m afraid of this ‘BlackBerry Thumb’ thing people keep talking about.” Not bad progress for 6 years. Although, we’re hoping that in 2012 people will be saying “Scotty, beam me the hell up! I have that lunch meeting with Johnson and Davis, like, 5 minutes ago.”

BlackBerrys… on a plane!


Snakes on a Plane!

No it’s not the sequel to the latest Samuel L. Jackson, thriller/comedy. It’s what is going to happen to passengers flying on Irish aircraft carrier Ryanair’s flights starting next year. All passengers flying one of Ryanair’s Boeing 737 jets from Edinburgh to Dublin and Shannon airports will be able to use their BlackBerry and any other mobile device while the plane is in the air. Ryanair hopes to have their full fleet of 200 aircraft equipped with this feature by 2008.

I know what every BlackBerry Cool reader is thinking right now: it’s about time. We want to see more announcements like this across the pond as well.

RIM brings BlackBerry 7100i to Mexico, Peru


7100iRim and NII Holdings jointly announced today the launch of the BlackBerry 7100i on the Nextel Peru and Nextel Mexico networks. So, Nextel and the 7100i — you know that could mean only one thing: that’s right, “push-to-talk” digital walkie talkie technology. Those lucky Nextel customers.

“The popularity of BlackBerry continues to grow across Latin America and we look forward to fueling this momentum with NII Holdings,” said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Research In Motion. “The combination of Nextel’s services with BlackBerry provides mobile professionals with a compelling productivity tool that keeps them connected to important information and communications throughout the day.”

We’re Moving


Moving Van

If you’ve noticed that posts have been a little sporadic this week, there’s a good reason (and it’s not just our standard laziness): BlackBerry Cool is moving! That’s right, today we’re escaping our tiny little digs above the “Gentlemen’s Club” and moving into a plush office in the heart of downtown Ottawa! We’ve very excited to test these “offices” we’ve heard so much about, as well as the new Master Command Center (i.e. the water cooler by the fridge).

Posts will be a little sporadic today as well, but once we got our stuff in and the Supernet rocking in our new place, expect business as usual.