Boy Genius gives us more BlackBerry rumors

BlackBerry Pearl

Not much to say other than: we can’t wait. At this point, we shouldn’t even be calling the words that come out of Boy Genius’ mouth rumors. The only thing we’re worried about is him getting cocky and getting caught. Don’t buzz the tower, Mavrick. Anyways, this is what the BG told Engadget Mobile:

It has been confirmed to me that RIM will have a BlackBerry with WiFi most likely in time for a Christmas release this year. The device is said to be an 8700-type form factor. Also confirmed is a QWERTY BlackBerry with built-in camera, and similar specs to the current Pearl / 8100, except with more RAM, a faster processor, and most likely an updated camera as well. This model is the BlackBerry 8200. The device is said to be the same size or very close to the Motorola Q. RIM is still testing out different hardware configurations and colors, but black seems to be the choice. I’m working on getting pics, so stay close!

Cool. No, wait… BlackBerry Cool.

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BlackBerry Cool » Boy Genius: Not the 8200, no camera?
August 29th, 2006 at 2:42 pm

[...] Now for a much bigger piece of info. Remember when we told you about the 8200, the full QWERTY version of the Pearl? Well, it turns out that it’s not the 8200 at all, but actually the 8800. Unlike its SureType counterpart, however, the BlackBerry 8800 will have no camera (paving the way for at 9100 version with camera, we guess). This can and might change, but as of now it will be thin, have a trackball, WiFi, microSD, and will not be released before the end of this year. [...]

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