Interview with Nokia’s MD


No, not doctor: Managing Director. As in Nokia’s new UK Managing Director, Simon Ainslie, which Mobile Today has just interviewed. Definitely a good read to shape up Nokia’s new leadership (verdict: smart guy), but we’re here to talk about BlackBerrys, so take note of his view of RIM:

‘I spent two years running the business side at T-Mobile, and we had a lot of success with BlackBerry. But to put it into context, it’s tiny volumes. The total transactional volumes are smaller than what Nokia would sell into one country. In terms of the impact on Nokia’s overall business, it’s a small segment. BlackBerry knows that and they want to make it bigger. Our opportunity is to move beyond the glass ceiling of BlackBerry usage to mass-market business email.’

Stinging words for BlackBerry fans (or Nokia haters), but he’s right.

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