New RIM Patent: BlackBerry disability support

BlackBerry Patent Image

Our second patent for the day will warm your heart, and show how RIM sometimes really takes that extra step beyond your average hardware manufacturer. USPTO patent application #20060189278 refers to a system for recognizing and providing support for physically disabled BlackBerry users. The most intriguing of these? A system incorporating a touch sleeve slipped over and connected to the BlackBerry’s display so users can navigate and run programs by touching the screen. More screens and details after the jump.


An electronic handheld device is described having an options module for providing a user with at least one option in the handheld device, each option associated with an enabling mode of operation of the handheld device. The device also includes an enabling module for implementing, in response to a particular option being selected by a user, an associated enabling mode of operation. Each enabling mode of operation makes the handheld device more accessible to a person having a corresponding disability.

Get the PDF here.

BlackBerry Patent Image

BlackBerry Patent Image

BlackBerry Patent Image

In this image, Fig. 6o refers to the touch sleeve that is placed over the BlackBerry screen.

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