ThoughtPiece: Marketing the Pearl

Everything we’ve learned so far about the upcoming new Blackberry 8100/Pearl model suggests that it will be an amazing device and one that could be a breakthrough product. But a great product deserves a great marketing campaign.

As RIM transitions into the consumer market, there is one guiding principle that separates marketing to consumers from marketing to businesses:

When you sell to the enterprise market, you largely appeal to logic.
When you sell to the consumer market, you largely appeal to emotion.

How well RIM can appeal to the emotional side of buyers largely will determine the success of their consumer line.

To some extent the marketing of the Pearl has already begun. Consider what RIM already has gotten right:

1)They’ve used the power of viral marketing and created a buzz surrounding the device before it is released. RIM may or may not have intended for this, but thanks to people like Boy Genius, it’s happening. Early adopters are becoming product evangelists before the product is even released.

2)They’ve chosen a good name for the device. Most people relate to and remember a simple word more so than some model number designation. I think the word “Pearl” is an inspired choice for the name. It’s simple, easy to remember, implies a high status, matches the looks of the device, and goes great with the name “Blackberry” as in “Blackberry Pearl.” But here’s the real stroke of genius behind that name: it will have appeal to the female market, yet without alienating the male market. Women will finally have a tech product without some nerdy name, something that they can be proud to say they own.

3)They’ve created a device with a great design. The design will drive consumer impressions. The Pearl seems to get it right. It’s small and thin and has been compared to a RAZR and even an iPod Nano in form. That’s pretty good company to keep. A potential buyer will look at the Pearl and receive a strongly positive first impression.

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August 29th, 2006 at 1:25 pm

George: Are you sure? I think the pearl is more than the electron or the charm.

Take a look at this picture:

It clearly says BlackBerry Pearl Reference Guide.

Jism Monkey
August 30th, 2006 at 5:12 am

Pearl is the name. They have a ton of internal names for each device.

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September 14th, 2006 at 8:57 am

[...] We’ve spoke of it briefly, but now we’re seriously debating it. Will females adopt the Pearl as hoped? Well, the first “for girls by girls”-type review has surfaced (from the same folks who gave us that YouTube gem last week), and the reviewer says that the Pearl will look decent on the greater sex (we’re talking females, guys - lose the ego). “Overall, despite it’s faults, I love the Pearl. It looks good, and it stops me getting that weird panicky feeling when I’m away from my computer for too long (I’m not a workaholic. I just hate missing anything).” [...]

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