BlackBerry 8707g coming this week

BlackBerry 8707g

While not necessarily a show-stopper like its little cousin, the full QWERTY, UMTS enabled BlackBerry 8707g is nothing to sniff at. Because its sweet 3G core operates in the 2100MHz band range, however, we sadly won’t be seeing it in North America any time soon (unless T-Mobile gets its way). Pinstack is saying that the 8707g will be making its debut sometime this week, so look for it on a European carrier that doesn’t want to pay the extra money for their own branded BlackBerry (02, we’re looking in your direction).

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  1. 1 dtm

    I have a mate that works for Optus in Australia (as a sales rep) and he said the 8707g came up on his price list about 2 weeks ago. So we should see a launch from Optus soon.

  2. 2 Rob van Leeuwen

    Vodafone Germany released the 8707 end of last month!
    At the moment the release for the Netherlands will be coming soon.


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