Handmark (finally) releases Tetris

Tetris baby, yeah!

We know, we know. We promised you a review of Tetris for BlackBerry almost two months ago. But things happen: the game got pushed back, and we couldn’t review something that hasn’t come out yet, could we? But now is a time for rejoicing, as Handmark has pushed this highly anticipated title out its doors with a little help from EA.

To purchase the game you can go straight to Handmark’s site. Or better yet, why don’t you get more bang for your buck and download a free version of Handmark’s Pocket Express (see that Porche in the top right-hand corner of the screen? Click on it.) and download it from their OTA store? And this time, we promise to have a full review up by the end of the week (just as soon as we stop playing the game. One more level…).

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