Tetris for BlackBerry Reviewed

Tetris baby, yeah!

While we were typing up our own review of Handmark’s Tetris for BlackBerry, we got an email from our friends over at QuicklyBored that theirs was already finished. So here’s their review of one of the best games you can find for BlackBerry.

Trying to get your game on with a BlackBerry can be a little frustrating sometimes, with few options beyond the usual suspects. Because of this, it doesn’t take much to please a “BlackBerry gamer:” just give them a solid version of a game you know they’ll want to play. This is exactly what Handmark (with a little help from EA) has done with Tetris for BlackBerry.

Now, it’s really hard to mess up Tetris. You either make a solid port of a classic or you design it to be an address book-eating virus; there are no other options. What a developer can do, however, is round out classic gameplay with solid controls, good graphics, and worthwhile options to give BlackBerry gamers that Goldilocks feeling: just right.

One of the major aspects to a puzzle game is controls, and Handmark’s Tetris gets the job done. Using the scroll wheel to rotate the Tetriminos and the keypad to move, swap and drop them, the controls are easy to pick up while facilitating a play-speed that is necessary for advanced play. This is most definitely a two-handed game, but hey, Tetris deserves your full attention.

Tetris’ balance between the hardcore and casual gamer is also seen its gameplay options. The game offers the (almost required) abilities to swap and hold Tetriminos, show up to the next 6 Tetriminos in queue, and Teriminos shadows (so you know where they’re dropping) that we’ve come to expect from a Tetris game. However, hardcore gamers also have the option to disable these abilities and kick it old school. Nice. Tetris also has 4 game types (Marathon, 40 Lines, Ultra 2min and Ultra 3min – pretty self-explanatory) that offer all the Tetriminos action you’ll ever need.

Tetris’ graphics are another bright spot. Everything is crisp and clean, with bright colors and a very high res feel. The constantly changing background art is also pretty and very Tetris-esque.

In the end, the BlackBerry version of Tetris has only 3 faults: no multiplayer gaming (although this might be a BlackBerry limitation), no ability to post high scores online (no excuse for that one) and the price (20 USD??? Is Handmark using the blood of firstborn babies to make this game?). Beyond those problems, if you’re a BlackBerry gamer, you have no excuse to not own this, especially considering the small number of games worth owning for BlackBerry. Buy it.

*This game was reviewed on the BlackBerry 7130g.
*To buy this game, go here.

4 Responses to “Tetris for BlackBerry Reviewed”

  1. 1 david

    bloody hell, they are not even giving a 3-day trial a la magmic?

  2. 2 david yong

    i don’t think such a basic game as tetris is worth 20 bucks, and without a trial. having played tetris in arcade halls, and brickgame consoles, i find ka-glom much more challenging. did magmic give it for free?
    get the battlestations 1942 out quick!

  3. 3 Ryan

    The game is a rip. Don’t get me wrong, the gameplay is great. However, play caps at 150 lines in marathon mode and level 15. I played for 5 min starting from level 15 and it didn’t last 5 minutes. Not worth the 20 bucks if it caps play

  4. 4 george

    20 dollars!
    it was a rip but i love the game its a very nice version of this game but it is definitely not worth 20 bucks.

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