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Breaking Down the BlackBerry 8800 (and friends?)


When we got the word late last Friday about pics of the BlackBerry 8800 (that’s right Engadget, BlackBerryForums had it first), we weren’t expecting to be greeted with no less than 3 devices and talk of “Crimson” and “Indigo”. The forums have been ablaze this week with speculation about what that means, and we’re here to sort it out for you.

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Weekend Contest: What matters more?


It’s been a busy week in BlackBerry news. The week started (or, rather, last week finished) with news of the BlackBerry 8800 and it’s incarnations, and then we sat on our hands until Thursday with the announcement of RIM’s incredible Q2 results. So for this week’s question, we’re asking this: Which matters more to you, the reader? Are you more concerned about new product launches or about RIM and it’s stock soaring? This week’s winner will receive a free copy of Magmic’s Brain Up

Last week we asked you crazy kids if release of the Pearl was rushed, in part to the leaks that continuously come out of various horse’s mouths. Lungboy commented, saying he’s never seen a picture-perfect 1.0 release, and given the advancements RIM’s made with the Pearl, it should be understood that there’ll be some issues. Thanks, Lungboy. Your cheque copy of Tetris is in the mail.

BlackBerry Cool Hardware Guide updated


Since all of the news today circles around the RIM stock and how well it’s doing, we decided to take some initiative and take care of the piles of paper on our desk. That included updating our beloved hardware guide. We’ve added guides on the 7100i, 7105t, the 8700c, 8700g, 8703e and what was that new one called? Ok, we’ll stop making jokes about the Pearl. We’re itching to get one up for the 8800. Hey RIM - wanna help us out with that?

RIM’s results cleverly called “Su-PEARL-ative”


Thought’s been working overtime and has been kind enough to slide us this article in the Wall Street Journal regarding RIM’s Q2 results. And since that’s all people seem to be talking about today in the BlackBerry world, we’ll fuel the fire with this. RBC Capital’s Mike Abramsky calls the results “Su-PEARL-ative”, and analysts are all-a-chatter with optimism for RIM, including one raising his RIM target from $100 to $148.

UBS Investment’s Rob Dennison is forecasting a 45.9% replacement rate for the BlackBerry device in fiscal 2007 and 37.6% in fiscal 2008. “While the replacement rate now appears more reasonable relative to historical replacement rates, we believe our (fiscal 2008) implied replacement rate could again prove conservative,” he said in a note.

T-Mobile’s “MyFaves” favours five


An interesting note to send to T-Mobile users, courtesy Gizmodo. T-Mobile’s “MyFaves”, a service that allows you to make unlimited calls to five numbers for free, launches next week. The screenshot to your left features the MyFaves interface on a Pearl, and suggests that you can choose different icons to distingush between your top 5. What is this - MySpace? More details after the jump.

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Magmic’s “Brain Up” reviewed


Our close pals over at QuicklyBored have been kind enough to shoot us their review of “Brain Up” - available for your BlackBerry from Magmic. I’m glad they’re on top of these new games as I think I’m still in my “Duck Hunt” phase. Read on.

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