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It’s always nice to be recognized for good work (hint, hint), and Handango has picked up on that with the Handango Champion Awards. This annual event put on by one of the world’s largest mobile software developers honours the best of the best in mobile applications, and you bet your sweet pippy that includes the BlackBerry. Biggest award was “Developer Of The Year” and for RIM’s device, that went to Cerience Coporation.

Other nods for BlackBerry app’s were as follows:

Best Application for Work - RepliGo Professional by Cerience Corporation
Best Application for Play - NEXT by Mobigloo
Best Application for Life - VoiceControl by MobileVoiceControl
Best New Application - SplashID by SplashData

Check out the winners for other mobile devices here.

  • Tony
    Hahah a RIM JOB niceeeee
  • James
    oh you didn't!
  • Leon Darius
    hhmmmm, if the work for RIM, wouldnt that be considered a RIM Job?
  • Mr Happy
    Perhaps they work for RIM?
  • they DO seem happy.
  • heesoo shin
    i love this picture... it's so gay
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