Bacon On BlackBerry: voicemail vs. speed dial, errors, and more


Most people use calendars and such to know what day it is - I use my inbox. An email from Jeff Bacon means that it’s Monday and that he’s got some BlackBerry answers for those who have BlackBerry questions. Read on as Mr. Bacon tackles questions about voicemail on speed dial, service books, pictures, and the feared JVM error.

Q: Had voicemail on speed dial button one, but like a bone head I deleted it from that key. Now when I try to add it back , the 7130e only looks in my contact list. How do I get it back without using the contact list?

A: Other than wiping your device, I don’t know a simple solution for getting it back without using your contact list. However, there is a trick you can use to get it back by making a temporary entry in your contact list.

1. Open the phone application.
2. Click the wheel and goto Options.
3. Click on Voice mail and it will display your Access Number. Copy it or write it down.
4. Go into your Address Book and add an entry for ‘Voice Mail’ and put in the access number from step 3 as one of the phone numbers for that contact (it doesn’t matter which phone number slot you put it in).
5. Go back into your phone app. Click the wheel and select ‘View Speed Dial List’.
6. Select the [1] spot (or wherever you want the speed dial for voicemail to go).
7. Click the wheel and select ‘New Speed Dial’ (or ‘Edit’ if there is already something in that slot).
8. Select the Voice Mail contact you created in step 4.
9. Save your changes to the speed dial list and go delete the Voice Mail contact. The phone number will be left in the speed dial list.

Q: On my blackberry 8700 c, the Service book icon appears and I have stopped being able to use the email. I’ve gone to Options and clicked on service book but do not see a place to click on Accept. What should I do?

A: Go into your Options > Advanced > Host Routing Table. On each entry you see there, click it and select ‘Register now’ from the menu. This should update all your Service Books.

Q: How can I download a picture out of my blackberry to my computer that someone has sent me?

A: I find it easiest to forward the email to a desktop email client and save it from there.

Q: “JVM Error 102” I just rec’d this error and my blackberry will not function. Any clues how to clear?

A: In order to restore your BlackBerry, you need to do reinstallation of your BlackBerry OS. Sometimes, you can fix it by removing the file that is causing the error, which is usually the last program installed.

The JVM error occurs sometimes when multiple programs are installed at the same time, and sometimes when some programs are uninstalled. It happens when there’s a cod file that has become corrupt.

You must use the Desktop Manager Software program to fix it, so you have to have the USB cable, and a PC around.

1. Plug your Blackberry into the Computer
2. Load up the BlackBerry Desktop Software Program, then load up the APPLICATION LOADER.
3. Click NEXT
4. Now, try and uncheck the last program you installed, and click NEXT. Cross your fingers because this would be the easy fix.
5. If #4 didn’t work, return to #3 and click NEXT.
6. Don’t uncheck or check anything, and click NEXT.
7. Click on ADVANCED
10. Click on FINISH and let the computer restore your BlackBerry OS.

This should wipe and restore your BlackBerry to factory settings. Unfortunately you also lose everything on the device… but you do a regular backup to restore from right? =)

6 Responses to “Bacon On BlackBerry: voicemail vs. speed dial, errors, and more”

  1. 1 Bacon on BlackBerry

    A wise friend of mine has informed me that if you have not yet re-assigned the Voice Mail speed dial slot, pulling out your battery (and then putting it back in, obviously) will reset the #1 slot back to Voice Mail.

  2. 2 Michele

    i hope that this is regarding reseting my blackberry pearl and it woukd be a bummer if all my things are lost after resetting it. and also if the media card is not in my phone or if it is in there when i reset it will the items be lost off that too?

  3. 3 tommy

    i some how lock my blackberry pearl and it is in spanish and i know that you only get 10 trys. i can only make emergancy calls. please help me reset my phone to factory setting. i can’t unlock anything or understand anything cause everything is in spanish like i said.


  4. 4 Curt

    I have a 8700C I need to press * to enter my voice mail but I can do that with the 8700C. How do get to my voice mail?

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