New patent emotes text messages

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Am I the only one that wants to maim the inventor of emoticons? Yes, you’re happy, I get it - it doesn’t mean that I need to see a smiley face in between all of your “LOL’s” and unnecessary exclamation points. I digress. News from BBHub shows that a new patent for the BlackBerry has surfaced - one that makes use of those emoticons.

The idea behind the patent is that your device will make use of emoticons and such in your text messages and will then, in turn, read the message to the recipient in a selectable male or female voice and adjust it’s tone depending on the emoticons present. LOL!!

The abstract explains things slightly more technically, and without any emoticon hate:

“A communication device and method are provided for audibly outputting a received text message to a user, the text message being received from a sender. A text message to present audibly is received. An output voice to present the text message is retrieved, wherein the output voice is synthesized using predefined voice characteristic information to represent the sender’s voice. The output voice is used to audibly present the text message to the user. “

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