No “domo” for the Pearl in Japan?


Hugs (yeah, I said it) to BBHub for letting us in on this. An article from the Wall Street Journal says that BlackBerry may be joining the Japanese party a little too late. A somewhat polite culture, the Japanese aren’t ones to bring the office with them once they leave, and aren’t too prevalent on dealing with their personal issues whilst in public (if they do, it’s done quietly). The other reason cited is an interesting cultural note.

“You’re not going to close a deal via email,” said Bret Sewell, chief executive officer of global wireless services provider Venturi Wireless, which is based in Sunnyvale, Calif. “That’s going to be done late at night in some smoky restaurant.”

That should be the case. In person. More communication. Less confusion. Less errors! But, you know, seems as though people are being too quick. Maybe RIM and the BlackBerry aren’t too late - maybe they’re early. Maybe they’ve got a revolution on their hands. We’ll see, I guess.

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  1. 1 BlackMikan

    This is a bunch of BS. Most Japanese businessmen (salarymen) use their mobile phones frequently for business and personal e-mail, especially in teh technology sector. In fact any field marketing or sales guy in Japan lives buy it and do nothing but check it in meetings, at restaurants, on the train…
    None of the “reasons” given are valid…just spin.

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