Politician gets flack for ‘Berry love


As ridiculous as it is, we need to defend our ‘Berry bretheren. Appears as though Democrat Adrian M. Fenty, a mayoral candidate in Washington, is getting a little heat from his competition and a few others regarding his abundant BlackBerry use, says the Washington Post.

Fenty, seen here slapping a sticker on a poor innocent bystander, originally only had one BlackBerry that he would click-wheel through during meetings, but now with his mayoral aspirations in full-tilt, he’s adopted another device to keep his council work and mayoral work separate. Complaints of Fenty paying more attention to his handhelds than his responsibilities are piling up.

To fully comprehend the situation, here’s an excerpt from a Fenty campaign spot:

“Some people say I spend too much time responding to my constituents. I tell them there’s no such thing,” Fenty says as he reaches for the buzzing device. He thumbs the keypad. “Excuse me,” he says. “Somebody needs help.”

Sorry, Mr. Fenty. “BlackBerryMan” really doesn’t sound as cool as “Batman”.

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