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Magmic’s “Brain Up” reviewed

Our close pals over at QuicklyBored have been kind enough to shoot us their review of “Brain Up” - available for your BlackBerry from Magmic. I’m glad they’re on top of these new games as I think I’m still in my “Duck Hunt” phase. Read on.

The story behind Brain Up is that you are a single-celled organism that is being coached through evolution by a highly evolved alien called a Synapperon. As you complete puzzles and train your brain, you move through stages of evolution such as a turkey, dinosaur, pig and finally you become a Synapperon.

Diversity and difficulty of puzzles
Considering this is the first game I am reviewing, it is hard to say whether there are more puzzles than average or less. There are 4 categories of games: Memory, visual, math and word. Within those categories there are 3 puzzle types. Each puzzle has a difficulty ranging from 1 to 100 so there is plenty of opportunity to challenge yourself.

Measure of success
As I said before, your success is measured by how evolved your being is. The worst is the single-celled organism and the best is the Synapperon.

Replay value
In order to progress through the game fully, you have to play at least 100 games. Once you have evolved through all of the stages, the game basically ends there. This game was great and I would have liked to see more gameplay after the being is fully evolved. In Brain Age for the Nintendo DS, the game becomes intertwined in your life because you play the game on a daily basis. I would have liked to see Brain Up utilize a similar system whereby I could play the game for days after I have completed the evolution process.

Graphically, this game is very pleasant. Sometimes I found that it is difficult to distinguish between a 6 and 0 but I also wear glasses that take up about an entire third of my face.

Brain Up uses the numbers 0-9 and I’m assuming that other Brain Games will do the same. I doubt there will be very much contention in this area.

Overall, Magmic has done a great job with its Brain Up and the only real criticism of this game is that I would have liked to see more gameplay. I guess if you are going to have your game criticized, that is about the best you can hope for.

Thanks QB.

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One Response to “Magmic’s “Brain Up” reviewed”

  1. George
    October 2nd, 2006 00:18

    I downloaded the trial of this game and it’s really well done. These are the games I like to see made for the Blackberry.

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