RIM CFO Jim Kavelman talks about “aggressive” road maps


Jim Kavelman, the unsung hero of yesterday’s webcast (who can really compete with Balsillie?), had a lot but also so little to say about RIM’s upcoming plans. I know specifics can never really be fully revealed, but his slight vagueness leaves a chalky taste in my mouth.

“We have a very aggresive road map on our hardware for EDGE, CDMA and EVDO - a very exciting roadmap. We also are addressing different form factors.

The Pearl seems to be extraordinarily well-received. The part that is really exciting, one of the CEOs of major carrier in Europe said that less than 1% of carriers sell a data platform to more ‘personal’ users. There’s the missing link - you want media but you want them in a connected structure.”

Credit again goes to BBHub.

4 Responses to “RIM CFO Jim Kavelman talks about “aggressive” road maps”

  1. 1 Daniel

    Wow, that second comment made exactly NO sense whatsoever. How can someone get to that level in life with no grasp of the common vanacular?

  2. 2 Steve St. Pierre

    There were some transcription errors from the source that I, unfortunately, didn’t fully notice until now. I’ll see what sense I can make of it.

  3. 3 Thought

    Steve is absolutely correct…these comments, as represented in text, are transcriptions of an audio broadcast. Any awkwardness in wording is due to someone trying to quickly jot down notes from this broadcast, rather than the speaker himself.

    I can guarantee you that the CFO and the co-CEO of RIM are both highly articulate professionals.

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