T-Mobile’s “MyFaves” favours five


An interesting note to send to T-Mobile users, courtesy Gizmodo. T-Mobile’s “MyFaves”, a service that allows you to make unlimited calls to five numbers for free, launches next week. The screenshot to your left features the MyFaves interface on a Pearl, and suggests that you can choose different icons to distingush between your top 5. What is this - MySpace? More details after the jump.

Single Rate Plane:”With MyFAV 5″
$39.99 300 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$49.99 600 MIN Unlimited N/w (MyFav)
$59.99 1000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$69.99 1500 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)

Family Plans are as the following (MyFav)
$69.99 700 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$79.99 1000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$109.99 2000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)
$139.99 3000 MIN Unlimited N/W (MyFav)

On the family plans, if you don’t want the MyFav Minues $10.00 from the above prices “NOTE on the above family plans T-mobile took off M2M, If you want MyFav and Mobile 2 Mobile add $10.00 to the adove plans”

NOTE: On the MyFav plans Each line get’s there one set of 5 numbers
Example 5 Line on the Family plan (25 MYFav Numbers)

Numbers can be changed once per month.

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