Hands-On with the QuickPlayer: the video

Even more talk of the QuickPlayer and it’s well deserved, folks; this post is proof positive of it. Spent some time in the office today with the QuickPlayer for BlackBerry, thought we’d take this chance to show it off to you in video form. Enjoy my baritone-goodness, and check out the Weekend Contest for your chance to win some sweet goodies from Magmic.

7 Responses to “Hands-On with the QuickPlayer: the video”

  1. 1 jimbo

    Oh, so thats how lefties use BlackBerries

  2. 2 Kevin

    What is that background. A sheep dog?

  3. 3 Lee Smith

    How do I get this product? I can’t find it on their website.

  4. 4 Steve St. Pierre