Weekend Contest: QuickPlayer content

Biggest news for us this week (what? was the Pearl released?) was the news of the QuickPlayer for BlackBerry by QuickPlay. The device, if you haven’t heard, plays streaming audio from content providers like ABC, the Wall Street Journal, and Clear Channel. We’ll have video of the application up shortly, but first things first: the Weekend Contest.

The QuickPlayer currently has 22 available channels ranging from news to weather to financial reports. The question this week is: Is the content you want to see ? What content do you want to have streaming from your BlackBerry? ESPN? Bob Vila home tips? Dora the Explorer podcasts? The best answer for this week’s question will receive three games from Magmic.

Last week we asked where the competitor’s stand against the Pearl, and LAST WEEK’S WINNER is Peter who gave us a comprehensive insight into the major companies (we go for quantity, not quality - kidding). He’ll be getting the $20 iTunes gift certificate. Congrats Pete, and we’ll see you all on Monday.

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3 Responses to “Weekend Contest: QuickPlayer content”

  1. 1 Melissa Ox

    I would love Seasme Street. My daughter loves to watch it, it would be great to entertain her away from home. Some of the good kids shows would be great. And for myself, I say I would like to have my fav tv shows, like CSI, but I have an HD tv. I think I would rather wait and see them in HD Widescreen instead.
    I would like Local News, and some of the talk shows I like, maybe Glenn Beck, or Coast to Coast. Stuff I miss most of the time as I am not with my radio 24/7.

  2. 2 Peter

    I’m impressed by the list of content, but I’d like to see an easy platform for independent 3rd parties to post their own shows. I’d listen to the Boy Genius report, or the Blackberry Cool minute.

    The obvious answer though is C-Span, so all those senators with Blackberry devices can digest 5 minute snippets of what is going on in their world.

    I’d also like to see the BBC and possibly NPR, and for those on the left, it’d be a great outlet for Air America (the Franken Five?) and on the right, Rush Limbaugh (Limbaugh’s Laments?), and others.

    To top it off, David Letterman’s top 10 from the night before.

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