Monthly Archive for October, 2006

Cingular Pearl makes debut appearance


There’s still ho’s and hum’s about the release of Cingular’s 8100. Thankfully Engadget Mobile was able to point us to an image of the Cingular-branded Pearl. The noticeables are obviously the name-branding, but check out the new colouring. It’s only been a couple of months and already the Pearl’s going grey. What a shame.

…still no news on the release date, though.

iTunes? More like pearlTunes


Happy now? One of the industry leaders in connectivity solutions, Information Appliance Associates, has put together a little bit of goodness with pearlTunes, the “first ever tool to automatically copy & convert unlicensed music from Apple iTunes”. Unliscened music, eh? Well, it’s a start.

“pearlTunes copies MP3s and other unprotected digital music from selected playlists on iTunes for Windows to the MicroSD memory card on the user’s BlackBerry Pearl. This allows the user to copy just favorite selections to the BlackBerry Pearl.”

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Hallowe’en brings out the “BooBerry”


I was hoping there’d be ridiculous postings today of people dressing up like BlackBerrys and BlueTooth headsets for trick or treating, but alas, the inbox remains pictureless (the day’s young, though).

But Rogers got some folks into the holiday spirit with their annual Halloween Writing Contest, inviting kids to complete a story that’s first paragraph was penned by Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig, Waterloo regional police Chief Larry Gravill, Rangers hockey player Justin Azevedo or the Hamilton Record’s editor-in-chief Lynn Haddrall. You can bet your sweet pumpkin a BlackBerry was involved.

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Olive Tree has new reasons to give thanks and praise


We cater to all sorts of demographics and psychographics around here, and what better day than Hallowe’en to talk about new Bible-related releases from Olive Tree. The press release notes three new Christian eBooks are parting the sea and making their way to your from acclaimed author John Piper. In time for the holiday season, “Life as a Vapor”, “Pierced by the Word”, and “Taste and See” are now available from Olive Tree’s official site. Enjoy your purity, puritans.

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Copy copy to your BlackBerry


No, that’s not a typo. It’s my clever attempt at being… clever. Maximum Soft Corp. (potential slogan: “Now that’s really soft.”) has just rolled out a new RSS reader that’ll copy your choice news stories right to your palm (not THAT palm).

NewsCopier, compatible with all current BlackBerry devices, takes the latest headlines, weather, sports, and other newspaper sections and, using your wireless connection, gives you the news you crave so badly. How much? Free. Check out MaximumSoft’s official site for more details.

Rogers reports strong 3Q results


It’s that time of the year. What does that even mean? Football? World Series? Hallowe’en? In our case, it means for a lot less candy and a lot more third quarter results. Rogers, the Canadian carrier of all things BlackBerry, has reported a solid third quarter, boasting a $2.35 billion revenue for this quarter - up 15%.

Haven’t heard many reports about Pearl sales thus far (the device has been out for less than a month up in the cold North), but if RIM continues to take care of it’s homeland, numbers should continue to rise. More highlights after the jump.

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