BlackBerry Pearl $249 on Rogers - UPDATED

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What may not be a big deal to the folks South of the border has got us slightly twitching in our seats. Howard Forums’ Treatz, a respected moderator AND Roger’s authorized dealer, has given some information about the Pearl coming out through the Canadian company. Thanks to a clean-cut tipster for this one.

“The highly anticipated Pearl will be priced at $249.99 after an additional $100 incentive on a new account or hardware upgrade. TIER pricing discounts do not apply to the 8100 Pearl at this time. Pearl is also not eligible for additional TIER + data discounts or incentives.”

…this is all confirmed at the Rogers site. Check it out after the jump. Thanks again, clean-cut tipster.

That was taken from the official Rogers site. This is good news. Great news, really. Expect plenty more updates on this.

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