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This week, Magmic’s BlackBerry expert and BBCool ringer Jeff Bacon answers your questions regarding those pesty duplicate emails, shutting off that nuisance of a green light on the 7100r, and recovering your address book. Got a question for Jeff to handle? Send him a note at

Q: I have an 8700c running through BES for MS exchange… I am receiving 2 copies of every email I receive (and 2 show up in my sent mail as well)… HELP! thanks in advance…

A: I had this issue a long time ago with my BB as well. For me, I was using Thunderbird as my desktop email client connected to the Exchange server via IMAP connection. I had filters in Thunderbird processing my email and they would move email to different folders. Exchange would forward the original copy of my email when it came in and then forward a second copy once the email was moved to the new folder (since it didn’t know it already forwarded it). I would suspect this would happen with any email program that has filters moving messages around to folders that are forwarded to the BB. I changed which folders’ message were forwarded to the BB and I stopped getting duplicate copies of my email. However, I also occasionally did not get some email forwarded since the desktop client’s filters sometimes happened before Exchange forwarded the email.
Also check to make sure you don’t have BIS setup to forward message from that same account.

Q: How do I shut off the stupid blinky green light at the top of my 7100r (without shutting off networking, or the blackberry itself)?

A: This annoys me too, fortunately it’s easy to turn off.

Under the Options (or Settings) > Screen/Keyboard, change the setting for ‘LED Coverage Indicator’.

Q: My handheld got totally wiped and I need to download my address book from a .csv file to finish the recovery process. Try as I might, however, I cannot find a way to do that. I have the latest desktop software (4.1) but that doesn´t have address book functions either. Help!

A: The Desktop manager supports importing .csv files to restore your address book. I am using Desktop Manager 4.2 but the instructions should be similar for 4.1.
1. Under ‘Synchronize’, select ‘Configure synch…’.
2. Select the Address Book item and then ‘Choose…’
3. Select ‘ASCII Importer/Exporter’
4. Change the Operation setting to ‘Import’
5. Click ‘options’ and make sure that ‘Comma’ is selected as the field separator.
6. Browse for the .csv file and select it
7. Click ‘Ok’, the ‘Ok’ again
You can now synchronize to the .csv file and it should import your contacts.

  • newberry8100
    when i try to import from treo to berry8100 it fails.
    any soultions.
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