Print from your BlackBerry with PremiereAnywhere


Ever received an email that you absolutely HAD to print out, and lo and behold, they don’t have printers on sidewalks yet, so you had to wait (and more than likely forgot). Well, there’s a solution that’ll set you back 12 lbs. (ok, I mean £12 - you won’t lose weight).

PremiereAnywhere allows you to print to ANY fax machine using your BlackBerry. For the monthly fee you get 30 pages of print-outs - not too shabby, but chances are you’ll start playing favourites with your emails.

“The software, which costs £10 to set up and then around £3 a month enables users of mobile devices to print emails and more than 130 types of attachments thus overcoming the need to wait until you get back to the office to sync with a computer.”

“Printing is as easy as selecting the attachment you want to view on your BlackBerry and entering the number of any local fax machine. If you are sending the document to someone in another office you can also opt to send a coversheet.”

Interesting little application to take note about. The source is giving the application and 8/10, but never really shuts up about the price, and we agree. For business trips, sure, maybe, but otherwise, is this really necessary? Let me know if this would be more of a benefit or a really unnecessary hassle.

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  1. 1 Corey

    Why not just get an online Fax service? You can use it for more than just printing BB attachments and there is no PremiereAnywhere logo plastered on your faxes. $20/yr gets you 70 pages at Comodo’s TrustFax and a toll-free number. So not only can you print attachments to fax, you can also receive faxes on your BB. I don’t work for Comodo or represent them in any way, just a satisfied user.

  2. 2 Steve St. Pierre

    Don’t work for comodo? You might want to think about not entering your email as for me to believe you…


    but that sounds like a good alternative to me. Thanks for the heads up, Corey.

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