Bacon on BlackBerry: BES queries, SIM issues, and more!

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This week, Magmic’s BlackBerry expert Jeff Bacon takes your BlackBerry questions. Ranging from BES-related to email notifications, Bacon’s got you all covered this week. Have a question for Jeff? Jot a note to and he’ll get to you as soon as he can.

Q: My company uses BES Server 4.0 with Exchange\Outlook as the messaging system. We have a 50 or so Nextel devices that have accounts on the BES Server. We have been purchased by another company and the plans are in place to merge our mail systems and upgrade to exchange 2003 and continue using the BES Server, but the parent company does not use a BES Server currently. They have a couple of users who purchased blackberries and use the desktop redirector with their current mail system and or pop3 type accounts.

They asked if it’s possible (when we are on one mail system) whether those users blackberry handhelds (they are something other than the Nextel bb units we use) can be added to the BES Server and do away with their desktop redirection?

Can you have different types of BB handhelds on one BES? Can our Nextel BB units co-exist with their BB units (Sprint or whatever they are)?

A: The BES does not care which type of BlackBerrys are connected to it. Our offices’ BES probably has 10-15 different models of BlackBerrys all working on the BES fine. You will be able to move those other users using Desktop Redirector over to the BES no problem.

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