Idokorro releases Mobile File Manager 2.0

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What WON’T be announced today? My money’s on official release dates for the 8800 devices - but I digress. Idokorro, the leader in mobile access solutions, has released an update to their Mobile File Manager and have released version 2.0 into the wild.

Use Mobile File Manager’s intuitive interface to:

- Browse, move, copy, rename or delete files and folders
- Create and edit text files, such as web pages
- View graphics files
- Edit file or folder permissions
- Email files as attachments
- View information about files, such as size and date created

For those unaware, Idokorro allows users to monitor, maintain, and managet their networks, computers and other network devices from their BlackBerry. Great time saving tool and, yes, we’ll say it - a must have for the serious business user. Visit Idokorro’s site for plenty more details behind the release and product itself.

  • Hoang
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