BlackBerry still might make it in Asia


normlo.jpgNorman Lo could be considered Grady MacPherson. Grady was the official “bench man” for my high school baseketball team, and while the rest of us were on the court boxing out and laying in, he was the one jittering on the bench, waving his white towel with vigour and screaming his pre-pubescent voice hoarse. Mr. Lo, Asia-Pacific vice-president of Research in Motion, is doing exactly those things (hopefully not literally) for the BlackBerry in his homeland, hopefully giving the device a better name (again, hopefully not literally).

Despite a rought start, Lo’s predicting great things for RIM in Asia.

“A brand evangelist to an almost worrying degree, Lo talks about the phone-cum-PC communication device as if he keeps one under his pillow at night and believes it will bring an end to war in his lifetime. “It’s changing lives, changing cultures, the way people do business and the way we interact,” he gushes with geeky enthusiasm.

Lo intends to make the most of it for BlackBerry’s latest assault — on the unsuspecting consumer. On an intimidating CV that includes a BSc in engineering physics and a PhD in electrical engineering, Lo has an MBA in high-tech marketing — so knows his way around BlackBerry’s brand onion.

Feel like you’re losing faith in your device? Reading this article’ll have you thanking Mr.’s Balsillie and Lazaridis in no time.

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